In our city there are all the factors for the development of the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship in key areas of the Cretan economy such as the primary sector and tourism, together with the emerging fields of energy, environmental protection and new technologies.

The existence of the University of Crete , The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of the Research Research Institute contribute to the production of knowledge and research results, to the development of the appropriate scientific human resources and the corresponding enterprise Activity. In recent years, a new wave of innovative entrepreneurship has emerged.

This wave comes from young people with talents and skills exploiting new technologies, businesses that transform their business model, as well as new scientists who turn their ideas into a marketable service or product through their Business Plan and start their own Their business with an international horizon. For all of them, Heraklion can become a model center for the development of innovative communication products, applications and services.

The positive features of the wider environment and interventions favoring the creation of ecosystems of innovation in the heart of the city, from which a creative wave of restarting economic activity can be spread, using the know-how, the experience, the mood, the Time and the physical presence of entrepreneurs, researchers, academics and every creative and active group of young people. We must emphasize that these actions meet an internationally recognized process, the “quadruple propellant”, ie the co-operation of Local Government, Academic and Research Institutions, Business and Citizens. A key element of our interventions in the local economy will be the Center for Democratic Dialogue, Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the distinctive title “DEMOCRACY”.

“Demoskopio” will provide three basic types of services:

• The first category concerns the implementation of Structured Democratic Dialogue for the design and promotion of social and business co-operation, consensus and networking, with wide involvement and fair representation of all interested parties and opinions. Additionally, we will provide services for organizing and coordinating dialogues for the management and administration of complex social and business issues.

• The second category concerns business interconnection services, including the participation of beneficiaries in innovation competitions, career days and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and mentoring workshops, business missions.

• The third category concerns the provision of business accelerating and support consulting services.

An important role in its operation will be the live, daily presence of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers in Greece and the diaspora through training activities, workshops and collaborative ventures. Collaboration with business associations, collective bodies and the research and academic community is a critical success factor for the realization of the project.