Project roadmap

The municipality of Heraklion has created a project management roadmap with many projects which are already functional and produce results.

  • In the past few years Heraklion experiences the rapid development of broadband services and infrastructures that have already been in innovative use. The city’s broadband infrastructures approach nearly 100% of the population although the broadband usage percentage is lower than the European average. The usage percentage is continuously rising along with the broadband speed and the introduction of newer technologies such as VDSL, Wireless broadband services and satellite connections. Heraklion is one of more than 70 Greek cities that have an Metropolitan municipal optical fiber network .The use of the optical fiber network has dramatically increased the speed of internet connection from 2 and 8 mbps to 100 mbps with the potential to reach up to 1Gbps.The network connects 60 schools and other public services which serve more than 18.000 students and 5.500 civil servants.
  • The Heraklion Municipality has the largest Municipal free Wi-Fi network in the country which is continuously operational since 2008.
  • Heraklion Municipality has a popular portal ( which offers more than 163 services of various levels.
  • A large number of websites is available with extensive historical and cultural digital content.