Lines with new material at the junctions of the city of Heraklion

Lines with new material at the junctions of the city of Heraklion

In the delineation of the junctions of the city proceeded the last month the Department of Road Construction of the Directorate of Technical Works of the Municipality of Heraklion. The delineation works started on the Mobility Week and were completed in the first days of October, changing the appearance of the main road junctions of the city of Heraklion and facilitating the daily life of drivers and pedestrians. The new delineations were made with cold plastic material in the areas:

Άλλαξε η όψη των κόμβων του Ηρακλείου. 

1.Ethn. Antistaseos – Knossos Avenue

2.Dimokratias Avenue – Knossos – Sbokou Avenue

3.Dimokratias Avenue – G. Papandreou

4.Dimokratias – Charilaou Trikoupi Avenue

5.Dimokratias – Geronymaki

6.Geronymaki School (24th)

7.Cyprus Square

8.Oasis Junction – G. Georgiadi – Andr. Papandreou

9.Papandreou – Chrysostomou

Λ. Δημοκρατίας – Καποδιστρίου

10.Papandreou – Knossou Avenue

11.Papandreou – Ionias Avenue

12.Dimokratias – Kapodistriou Avenue

13.Eleftherias Square – Anemogianni

14.Kalokairinou Avenue (Anogia Primary School)


16.Paraliaki – Arch. Makariou

17.Paraliaki – Dambergidon

18.Paraliaki -Museum of Natural History

19.Paraliaki -Gate Dermata

20.Paraliaki-Giamalaki (Stop Lines only)

21.Paraliaki – Historical Museum

22.Ethn. Antistaseos- Icarus Avenue

23.Ethn. Antistaseos- Geronymaki

24.Ethn. Antistaseos- Itanos

25.Ikarou-Herodotou and Artemisias


27.Ikarou-Florinis Avenue


29.Ikarou-Nireos Avenue


31.62 Martyron-Machis Crete-Therissos

32.Minoos-Machis Crete

33.Minoos-62 Martiron Avenue

34.Paraliaki, Dermata Bay

They will follow markings and at other junctions of the city of Heraklion, always aiming at road safety.

Λ. Δημοκρατίας- Λ. Κνωσσού – Σμπώκου