Heraklion Municipality’s Wi-Fi network-Free internet on the go

Heraklion Municipality’s Wi-Fi network-Free internet on the go

The Free Access Municipal Wireless Network of the Municipality of Heraklion is an endeavor of the Municipality to offer its citizens with a free high-tech broadband service. Using Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers, citizens and visitors can connect to the Internet within the range of the service.

The wireless network pioneers the exploitation of new technologies to serve citizens and visitors as well to provide for the digital inclusion of citizens. Since 2007, this network has grown into the largest free access Wi-Fi network in the country with 140 access points, offering free Internet access to over 100,000 unique users per month in the summer, providing more than 8.1TB of data traffic in the same time period.

The wireless network serves the buildings of the Municipality internally, as well as outdoor areas. Central squares of the municipality, main streets and some more remote spots are covered. The points covered by the network can be found on the map below.

In order for the Municipality of Heraklion to continue to offer a high quality service and due to the increasing demands of the users, the network is continuously in the phase of upgrading and expansion. The network continues to expand in area as well as user capacity and data traffic.

The Wi-Fi network of Heraklion’s municipality is continuously growing and in the near future new areas will be covered according to plan.