Digital services offered by the Municipality of Heraklion to city visitors.

Digital services offered by the Municipality of Heraklion to city visitors.

The visitor of Heraklion has at his disposal a plethora of digital services:

Free Wi-Fi services are available at 140 different spots around the city center, city squares and neighborhoods. Free Wi-Fi services become more and more established as a crucial factor as far as Heraklion’s visitor experience is concerned if we take under consideration that by the beginning of 2017 more than 2 billion “smart devices” will be in use worldwide.

• The municipality’s Info point  through its interactive application enables the visitor to get to know the city’s most important monuments, explore the Disc of Phaistos writing, get a virtual photo of himself with some of the best sights of Crete as a background. Via the use of an interactive screen the visitor is able to visit the Venetian Era of Heraklion and learn details about that historical period.

• Info point tablets can be borrowed by the visitor who is able to walk in the city and by turning his tablet to any direction he will have the chance to view how the specific site looked at that specific period by using the Tour of the Venetian Candia app.

• The Journey to history  app can be downloaded to all smart devices and by the use of GPS, certain points are detected and the visitor is offered multimedia material of the closest museums along with a vocal guided tour.

A City through the ages is a website that offers the visitor an in depth historical presentation.

The Rural Heraklion website enables the visitor to acquaint himself with rural Heraklion’s history, culture and tourism services.

Heraklion sculptures website offers a detailed catalogue of all the sculptures that are placed within the city’s boundaries.

• Via the central Heraklion City website and the new application Heraklion citizen the visitor can be informed about the various cultural activities that take place, about free parking spaces for special needs drivers, on duty pharmacies and hospitals.