Complete application for electronic payment of certified debts

Complete application for electronic payment of certified debts

The Municipality of Heraklion, in the context of the continuous improvement of the electronic services to the citizens, activated the application: “Financial Information of the Citizen – Electronic Payments”

This application allows the citizens to manage their financial card and their certified debts to the Municipality electronically, without the need to attend the relevant services.

The user is introduced to the application through the website of the Municipality of Heraklion using the Taxisnet codes (username and password): (

After the verification of data, the citizens have access to the financial data that concerns them (in the first phase to the confirmed debts), and to other services of the website, with restrictions in cases of possible duplication, errors and omissions, etc.. After a successful log in to the application, the citizens have the opportunity to:

  • display of the financial card and its debts
  • display of the settings and any appeals that have made
  • credit of debt / settlement installment by the citizen himself (if the amount of the debt has been previously deposited in the bank’s cash register or transferred using web banking, to the account of the municipality).
  • payment & credit of debts / settlement installments through electronic transactions using a credit / debit card
  • sending the card of debts / settlement installments to the citizen’s email for information or for payment in a bank cash register with the possibility of registering the deposit details for the completion of the transaction (smartphone or tablet utilization).
  • Ability to send the citizen’s financial card and the proof of deposit, with a file of compatible format, to any email as well as to print them locally.

The credit of the debt is made based on the date of payment to the bank or the platform, regardless of whether the amount will appear immediately or after 2-3 days in the bank account of the Municipality, due to valeur. In this way the citizens have the opportunity to pay a debt until the last minute of their payments deadline, without being charged with the provided surcharges.

In cases where a citizen appears in the files of the Municipality with multiple cards, with incorrect or incomplete data, then the system urges him to contact the services of the Municipality for the settlement of any outstanding issues.

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