Smart city branding

We recognize that policies for the completion of these policies and their exploitation require policies to recreate the image of the city and improve its placement in the competitive hierarchy of Europe's medium-sized cities.     We seek Heraklion to be seen as a powerful node in the global network that includes "smart cities". Communication policy       Our main goal is the networking of the city of Heraklion with other Greek cities and the creation of a Greek network of "smart cities". In this context, we have co-created with the Municipality of Athens and the Municipality of Thessaloniki a dynamic consortium that rallies around the NTUA team, The Hellenic Open Free Software Company, the Hellenic Mobile Applications Association and the Association of Mobile Telephony Companies       The Municipality of Heraklion has also been participating since 1998 in the largest network of cities in Europe, Eurocities as an associate partner in the KnowledgeSociatyForum section. We will seek to become more active in European networking and institutional actions. Identity and Competitiveness of Identity "Heraklion: Smart City"       In this area, we already have the first encouraging results.       The New York-based Intelligent Community Forum places us the last three years (2012,2013 and 2014) [2] on the list of 21 smart cities in the world.       The city of Heraklion was one of the 58 cities evaluated in the EU's official i-Capital of Europe 2014 competition.       Also, in the European Parliament's study, Mapping smart cities in the EU [3], Heraklion is ranked among the 240 "smart cities" of Europe by an evaluation of 468 cities exceeding the population of 100,000. Among the six sectors that make up the " Smart city "Heraklion is recognized as smart in the areas of governance, economy and people.