Application of declaration and monitoring of school building problems

Application of declaration and monitoring of school building problems

An innovative special application for the proper management and the immediate information of the problems that exist in schools was created by the Municipality of Heraklion.

This extremely useful tool was presented at noon on Thursday, March 14 to the school principals, in the “Manolis Karellis” hall, in the building on Androgeo Street, by the Deputy Mayor of Technical Works, Giannis Anastasakis, and the CEO of the company that created the application, in the presence of the Mayor of Heraklion Vassilis Lambrinos.

The application is expected to be put into productive operation from April 1, 2019. From there on, the submission of requests from schools will be done exclusively through it, giving the possibility to the Department of Maintenance and Self-Supervision of the Municipality to respond immediately to the requests it receives, which will be routed automatically. School principals will be able to be informed at any time through the application about the progress of a request, without having to call the relevant department.

The benefits of using the “Citizenapp Schools” application:

1.For the Municipality:

  • Better organization of the problem submission process
  • Save staff time for registration, as requests will be submitted electronically by schools. There will also be better documentation of the requests, as when submitting a request, photos and related documents can be attached, something that can not be done by phone.
  • Central request management, and work planning of workshops
  • Better planning at Service level: To monitor the progress of requests there is a special dashboard, which presents the information of all requests, categorized, by situation, by school, as well as a map presentation

2.For the Schools

  • Immediate information on the status of requests
  • Reduce travel – Save time
  • Complete request history

The Mayor stated: “After the success of the application” Citizen of Heraklion “, which is used by more and more users to inform us about the problems they face, we created another application, which we hope it will be very useful for school principals but also and for our services.

With method and design, we utilize the possibilities offered by technology for the benefit of the citizens “.