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Smart and Blue City – 2nd Euro-Mediterranean conference and exhibition

27 Sep, 2017

The Euro-Mediterranean conference and exhibition “smart and blue city” is organized with the help of many partners and supporters, to bring together city and regional authorities with industry, SME’s, academics and professionals to present information and ideas for smartness and growth.

The Conference consists of two interrelated parts, namely:

  • the “Scientific” part, in which recent developments and supportive technologies relevant to challenges faced by small and medium-sized Mediterranean cities and communities will be presented; and
  • the “Exhibition” part, aiming at giving the opportunity to industry and SMEs to present products that can solve current and forthcoming problems of these communities.

The above distinction reflects an effort to bring together scientific knowledge and industry developments for increasing knowledge stock on potential solutions and providing options on technological products and solutions that can support cities and communities in the Mediterranean to cope with current challenges and needs.

Περισσότερες Πληροφοριες: www.smartbluecity.com