Digital library of historical documents

Digital library of historical documents

The  Vikelaia Municipal library digitized the files of the library and all of the 19th century  local newspapers up until the 1960s.The library  by taking good use of the emerging technologies established the digital library and digitized its cultural material which was made publicly available.

The visitor is able to search for books, read digitized newspapers and magazines, and study the Turkish archive and the archive of the “ELDERS” institution.

An additional feature is the ability given to the user to discover photos, videos and sounds from the library’s multimedia archive.

The benefits provided by the digital library of historical documents are the following.

  • There are no physical boundaries, the users of the digital library can have access to its material simply online from any part of the world.
  • The information is readily available 24 hours a day.
  • The same source material can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users.
  • A structured approach to the information is implemented.
  • The user interacts with a user friendly interface which enables him to retrieve information effortlessly.
  • Conservation of the original documents is ensured
  • The digital library organization can provide interconnectivity with other digital institutions.
  • Up to date information is available

Visit the following link to visit the website of the The Vikelaia Municipal library.

The Vikelaia Municipal library