Two Golden awards for digital applications of the Municipality of Heraklion

13 Oct, 2017

The Municipality of Heraklion won two more gold awards at the institution of the Best City Awards, which was awarded in the section of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) & Governance with seventy Municipalities, the Periphery of Thessaly and eleven companies, which have technologies for smart and sustainable cities.

More specifically, in the ICT & Governance section, the Municipality of Heraklion took the gold award in the Application for mobile devices Citizen of Heraklion, in the category IoT applications with “blade” arrays and using online storage systems (SAN). The award ceremony was attended by Mayors from all over the country, Local Government Officials, Regions Executives, Senior Business Executives. The awards for the Municipality of Heraklion were received by the Deputy Mayor of e-Government Petros Eniotakis, who in his greeting emphasized that “These awards are the recognition of the effort which is made in the Municipality of Heraklion for better management of new technologies, protection of the environment, economic development and protection of citizens and finally for the better quality of life we want to have in the cities we live in “.