Third prize at the Tourism Awards 2016 for the digital work “Candia Electronic Tour of 1640”

14 Jun, 2017

Prize for the digital work of the Municipality of Heraklion

“Candia Electronic Tour of 1640”

The application of the Candia electronic tour of 1640 drew the third prize at the Tourism Awards 2016 among many other nominees. The award ceremony took place at a special formal event at the Athens Concert Hall on Wednesday, April 6th. The municipality of Heraklion was represented by Gian Andrea, Chief Tourism Advisor, Paolo Garancini, who also received the prize.

The awards have been open to all public or private bodies, as well as local authorities active in the field of tourism, as well as to the promotion and promotion of the cultural product. The unity of the Municipality of Heraklion involved the “Digital Toursim” sector and more specifically “Smartphone & tablet applications”.

The originality of this application lies in the fact that the screen of the user’s handheld device is transformed into a “window” over time. It is considered to be quite innovative for the Greek and European data regarding the extent of the intervention area (the city of Heraklion within the walls), the design, the way and the means of presentation. As the user of the application moves within the boundaries of the old city, through specific routes, the Venetian Candia unfolds in front of him. This application is a complete, “live”, digital guide to the monuments and the history of the 17th century city that emerges through the three-dimensional projection of its monumental wealth. The application was implemented for Android and hosted on the platforms of each market.

The project that was included in the OPERATIONAL PROGRAM OF CRETE AND AEGEAN ISLANDS 2007-2013 with the title “Heraklion, every step … a journey in history” – Electronic Tour in the Old Town of Heraklion “was realized by PRISMA ELECTRONICS SA with subcontractors UNIVERSITY OF CRETE , The company INTERDASIS – LADAS I. & SIA OE. As well as the Historical Museum of Crete, while the supervision of the Municipality had the DEPARTMENT OF PROTECTION AND PROMOTION OF THE OLD TOWN OF HISTORICAL COMPLEXES AND VENETIAN WALLS and the DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION AND TRANSPARENCY of the Municipality of Heraklion.